22 Group Presentations

A trophy presentation by Western Area Commandant to C/Obs. Burgess 43 Post at the 1990 22 Group C.L.O.C.
22 Group R.O.C. Presentation of Certificates of Commendation to C/Obs. Bill Butler and C/Obs Tommy Waugh by Obs/Cmdr. H. Archer.
C.Obs. Bill Farries 22 Group R.O.C.
B.E.M. Presentation
22 Group Carlisle Awards.
22 Group Awards.
22 Group Retirement Award.
22 Group Presentations.
26 Post Carlisle. Presentation of Western Area Trophy.
Presentation of Certificate of Commendation.
Lord Lt’s Certificates presentations.
Nov. ’86.
C/Obs. Bill Butler R.O.C. Medal Presentation and donations to the R.O.C. Benevolent Fund.
Presentations for C/Obs’s Reay and Burgess.
22 Carlisle. Caldbeck Post Presentations.
21 Group Lord Lt. Presentation.
(Mainly 22 Group Service)
24 year Clasp award.
Obs/Cmdr. D. Edgar. Group Commandant 22 Group Carlisle.
Our Local Seaborne Observer Willie Young
C/W/Obs. Josie Cooper. 22 Group R.O.C. 36 year Medal Clasp award.
C/W/O. Josie Cooper being awarded her B.E.M. 1989.
22 Group R.O.C. Medal Presentations by Obs/Capt. Gerald Brown.
43 Post 22 Group receiving the Carlisle Cup.
Allonby Post Presentation
Presentation to Bill Farries on his retirement from the R.O.C.