Jim and Margaret Anderson 22 Group Memories

Observer Officer Jim Anderson
Crew Officer, Crew 1, Carlisle Control

Chief Observer Margaret Anderson
Crew 1, Carlisle Control

Jim and Margaret Anderson responded to a recruitment drive in1970.

Jim joined Crew 1, 22 Group on 15 May 1970.  Jim recalls Officers at that time included Obs Lt Hubert Ware and Obs Lt David Dagnall.

Jim became Chief Observer for Crew 1 in 1974/75, and became Observer Officer (Crew 1) in 1981, replacing Obs/Off. Bill Haddon.

Margaret became Leading Observer (Crew 1) in 1974/75, and Chief Observer (Crew 1) in 1978.


Jim attended the following Camps (Camp 1)…
West Rainham. (Jim remembers the noisy classroom – inside a hanger vehicles driving round)
Leeming. (where Jim remembers the chip van – unpopular as duty officer moved the chip van off site before the dance and social ended)

Margaret also attended West Rainham.


Jim attended the Methods of Instruction Course at Ludloe Manor in 1975.

Also the Officers Weekend at Harrogate Motel, where drinks were interrupted by a bomb scare – the drinks were taken out with us to the assembly point.

Jim and Margaret attended all Chief and Leading Observer Training Weekends throughout their service.

In Crew 1 we recruited young members in their teens approximately 40% of members.

Other Notable Dates:

Margaret attended the Royal Review at Bentley Priory in 1975.

Jim attended the Royal Review at Bentley Priory in 1991

Margaret was presented with the Commandant’s Commendation in 1986.

Training Nights:

Crew 1 arranged various official Crew visits to for example…
Carlisle Fire Station, Police headquarters, RAF Spadeadam (Photograph), and Monitoring Posts etc.

Combined Crew Training Evenings:
(including Warning Officers David Ramshaw Chief Warning Officer, and Roger and Barry Assistants)

Crew 1 often organised various speakers to present various subjects, for example…
World War Two Local Airfields,
Road Safety Officer,
Satellite Weather Forecasting,
Rain Cloud and Cloud Formations, etc.

Social Events:

Jim and Margaret were members of the “Go Anywhere Gang” attending social events throughout 22 Group – often staying at the venue overnight.

Palnackie – Christmas Dance and Draw Prizes – Potatoes and Christmas Cakes.

Hackthorpe, Obs Lt John Bell, Group Officer
Christmas Do – Chocs and Whiskey = wooden blocks and miniature whisky.

And many more…

“As Crew 1 we organised Crew Outings when off duty, such as a walk in heavy rain in the Lakes District (Photographs).”

C1A (Crew 1 Association @ Stand Down)
Arranged lunch meetings on Tuesdays – then Fridays – then Sunday – first by Jim and Margaret, and then by Pat Edgar.

Crew One at Chief and Leading Observer Training Weekends – we had a reputation for being a memorable vibrant bunch.

Jim Anderson Memories – visit to Spadeadam
Jim Anderson Memories – “A wet day in the Lake District”
Jim Anderson Memories – “A wet day in the Lake District” 2
Jim Anderson Memories – A Social Evening
R.O.C.A. President’s Certificate of Commendation presentation to Jim Anderson.

ROCA Citation Jim Anderson