Here we have some useful links to the websites who provided useful information used in the preparation of this 22 Group History website…

The ROC Association was formed back in 1986 to provide former members of the Royal Observer Corps the opportunity to continue meeting with serving colleagues and to maintain the comradeship, spirit and ethos of the Corps into the future.

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ROCA Heritage is the official National Heritage Group of the Royal Observer Corps Association. Initiated in early 2011, the Group aims to promote the heritage of the Royal Observer Corps and the Royal Observer Corps Association.

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The Norfolk and Suffolk Aviation Museum website, provided some very useful information for the date line as a starting point for the history of the Royal Observer Corps.  There is a Royal Observer Corps Museum on their site at Flixton near Norwich, this contains many exhibits donated by ROC 6 Group Norwich…

Norfolk and Suffolk Aviation Museum

Steve Scanlon from Ringbell kindly assisted us with ROC Post location maps, information and details of ROC communications…

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Nick Catford from Subbrit kindly allowed us access and use of their ROC Post and Control – locations, details and photographs

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ROCA facebook page