22 Group Birthday Honours

22 Group R.O.C. New Year and Birthday Honours Awards Register.

M.B.E. and B.E.M. Awards.
W/Obs/Lt M.A. Stewart. M.B.E. – 1964 New Years Honours List.
Obs/Cdr K. Maynard M.B.E. – 1975 New Years Honours List
C/Obs J. Thompson B.E.M. – 1962 New Years Honours List
C/W/Obs J. Mansfield B.E.M. – 1967 Birthday Honours List
C/Obs W. Farries B.E.M. – 1987 New Years Honours List
C/W/Obs J.M. Cooper B.E.M. – 1989 Birthday Honours List

1953 Coronation Medal Awards.
Obs/Lt W. Thompson – Carlisle Duty Controller.
C/Obs C. Smart – Carlisle Centre.
C/W/Obs M.A. Stewart – Carlisle Centre.
C/Obs W. Robinson – Echo 2 Post Greystoke.
L/Obs T.W. Rowell – Delta 2 Post Kenton.

1975 Jubilee Medal Award.
C/Obs R.W. Cook – Post Head Observer
N.B. C/Obs. Cook joined the Corps in 1950 on Thornhill Post 25 Group Ayr.
The post transferred to 22 Group in Oct. ’68 then back to 25 Group in ‘81.
He was awarded the R.O.C. Medal in 1962 and clasps in 1974 and 1986.


February 2017