ROC 32 Group

32 Group Carlisle became operational in December 1939. This section covers the period through WWII to the Stand Down in 1945 and its reactivation in 1947. (32 Group became 22 Group under the re-organisation of 1953.)

ROC Spotters

32 Group Control Locations:

Huntingdon’s Funeral Company’s underground stables West Walls, Carlisle 1939 to 1941.

10 Norfolk Road, Carlisle 1941 to 1962. [This becomes 22 Group Control in 1953 and closes in 1962]

Following the Corps being given the Nuclear reporting role in the mid 1950’s a new 22 Group Control was constructed. It became operational in 1962.


The crew of the WW2 Appleby post. (Photo from Appleby-in-Westmorland Society)

The following Posts were included in 32 Group. Most of the Posts were built in 1939 [see notes for exceptions].

A1 Steele Road [AWR shows this Post as 31 Group A1 Post]
A2 Roadhead
B1 Kielder
B2 Bellingham
B3 Haydon Bridge
B4 Whitfield
C1 Gilsland
C2 Brampton
C3 Armathwaite
D1 Alston
D2 Wearhead
D3 Culgaith
D4 Penrith [built in 1951]
E1 Caldbeck
E2 Greystoke [? AWR duplication in Post designation with E2 Keswick]
E2 Keswick [later to be re-sited at Threlkeld]
E3 Parkgate
E4 Bassenthwaite [built in 1948]
F1 Allonby
F2 Cockermouth
F3 Workington
F4 Eskdalemuir
G1 Kirkbride
G2 Dalston
G3 Wigton
G4 Silloth
H1 Dumfries
H2 Cummertrees
H3 Kirkbean
J1 Canobie
J2 Rockliffe (Carlisle)
J3 Kirtlebridge
K1 Beattock
K2 Lockerbie
L2 Bentpath
L3 Boreland


ROC Heritage – Orlit Posts


ROC Heritage WWII Granite

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